Aim and Scope

The Journal of Future Sciences Studies is the official publication for Tadris IPA Lecturers Association (ADRISPA). Interdisciplinary science learning and studies require an integration of many different scientific and professional disciplines. The ADRISPA and the Journal provide for the advancement of interdisciplinary approaches to the study of related subject scholarly. A major goal of ADRISPA is to encourage this advancement by promoting related teaching, research and service and by facilitating communication across boundaries that may inhibit sciences discourse across traditional academic disciplines—for example, between and among the physical, biological, chemistry, social sciences, the humanities, and other professions. This commitment also involves supporting the professional development of Association members and advancing the educational status of Sciences Studies programs.

The Journal provides a peer-reviewed, academically rigorous and professionally recognized venue for the publication of explicitly interdisciplinary environmental research, policy analysis and advocacy, educational discourse and other related matters. Contributions are welcome from any discipline or combination of disciplines, any vocation or professional affiliation, any national, ethnic or cultural background. Articles may relate to any historical and global setting. These contributions should explicitly involve multi-disciplinary or trans-disciplinary aspects of sciences issues; and identify the way(s) in which the work will contribute to sciences research, policy making, advocacy, education, or related activities.